As a choreographer Clinton Edward is interested in the pull, existence of, and deterioration of relationships: those between two people, artists themselves, and the audience and artist in a performance setting. With an eye on pop culture, the themes of his work are relevant to a 21st century society and his movement vocabulary is inspired by both his artistic contemporaries and the environment we live in. He is interested in each performer as a person first- a dancer who can not relate to an audience isn't worth watching.

Commissioned Works


PRIMME "Man Doesn't Know" Music Video


THE HUNT (new work w/ Kristin Yancy)

PRIMME in concert @ Pianos (NYC)

PRIMME "Closer2U" Music Video


Central Missouri State University (Warrensburg, MO)

Westwood High School (Austin, TX)


Westwood High School (Austin, TX)

SUNY-Fredonia (Fredonia, NY)


Elite Dance Center (Northport, NY)

Westwood High School (Austin, TX)

MA Dance Project (Austin, TX)

The Pulse Performing Arts Center (Westchester, NY)


Elite Dance Centre (Northport, NY)


Elite Dance Centre (Northport, NY)


Elite Dance Centre (Northport, NY)

East Coast Movement (Totowa, NJ)

Creative process

(in collaboration with Grace Courvoisier)

"Man Doesn't Know"

Written, Produced, and Recorded by PRIMME

Featuring Nicholas Ranauro, Ehizoje Azeke, Kimo Kepano

Choreography by Clinton Edward

Shot and Edited by Angelo Vasta

Directed by Clinton Edward and PRIMME

"Closer2U" Written, Produced and Recorded by PRIMME

Choreographer: Clinton Edward

PRIMME at PIANOS NYC - 8/23/16 Choreography: Clinton Edward 

Behind the Scenes of The Hunt NYC

Westwood High School SunDancers Austin, TX

Choreographed by Clinton Edward

Love Fool @ FUZE Arts Showcase