Clinton’s love for movin’ and shakin’ started at the age of six, when he followed his older sister to dance class. After traveling the US to compete in dance competitions and studying music and theater throughout grade school, the only possible next step for Clinton was to move to NYC for college. Completing a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Marymount Manhattan College gave Clinton the opportunity to train rigorously in dance and movement while also studying body alignment, placement, and anatomy. Working with some of the top choreographers while at school led to immediate work as a dancer after graduation. Professionally, Clinton has performed and worked with dance companies across North America, toured in Europe, and choreographed for studios, high school dance programs, and colleges all across the United States.

While continuing to dance on a regular basis, Clinton was constantly seeking a great workout that helped his performance career while also stimulating his creativity. First taking FlyBarre as an educator at lululemon athletica, he realized his love of music, movement, and fitness could all fit together in a class that made him stronger, gave him clearer muscle definition, and made him more aware of his body. Clinton’s investment in each client, his eclectic music taste, and his witty approach to teaching make his class a fun way to work towards individual fitness goals.

When he isn’t pulsing at the FlyBarre, Clinton can be found sweating it out in rehearsal, taking class around the city, or trying to find good Tex-Mex food in NYC.

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