Ok...but what is (un)Company Class?

Remember when class was about moving, learning, creating, and improving your craft? When every time you danced, you weren't running into someone next to you or shoving your way to the front just to see what the combo was? When you walked away from class feeling like you learned something- not just "KILLED IT"? 
We do too. 

Enter (un)Company Class.

A group of professional dancers and choreographers in NYC who are building a community of artists that aren't taking class to gain followers on social media but ACTUALLY learn and create and be with each other. 
With a rotating roster of teachers covering all styles- you never have to worry about getting bored and you should DEFINITELY come if its a style you don't normally do. This is a place where messing up is how you learn. Where doing what makes you uncomfortable is how you get better. Where you see your friends, and make new ones. 
Every professional dancer deserves a Company Class. It's here!

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