Queen of the Night

directed by Christine Jones

circus creation by Shana Carroll (Les 7 doigts de la main)

choreographed by Lorin Latarro

Schoen Movement Company

Big Dance in Small Spaces @ Rockaway Brewing Company

choreographed by Emily Schoen with the dancers

performed by Kacie Boblitt, Brandon Cournay, Clinton Edward, Britney Kerr, Tyler Philips, and Emily Schoen

27th Annual Gypsy of the Year

choreographed by Geoffrey Goldberg

Chairs (excerpt)

Celebrate Dance 2013 

choreographed by Zvi Gotheiner

performed by Steps Ensemble: Clinton Edward and David Scarantino


Ensemble on Ensemble at Steps on Broadway

choreographed by Lane Halperin

performed by Clinton Edward and Lane Halperin

Clinton Edward and Grace Courvoisier


BC Beat- Fall 2011

choreographed by Cherice Barton

performed by The Steps Ensemble: Clara Belenus, Landes Dixon, Jesse Dunham, Clinton Edward, Marielis Garcia, Ricky Kuperman, Gabriel Malo, Kyle Mullins, Khori Petinaud, and Mindy Upin

Blue Soup (excerpt)

Celebrate Dance 2012

choreographed by Aszure Barton

performed by the Steps Ensemble: Clinton Edward and Mindy Upin

In a Roofless Room

Kurtz Performing Arts Center, 2013

choreographed by Sarah Mettin

performed by Mettin Movement: Rena Butler, Clinton Edward, Lynda Senisi, Elena Valls, and Maleek Washington

The Game (Salaryman excerpt)

choreographed by Take Ueyama

performed by TAKE Dance: Clinton Edward, John Eirich, Kile Hotchkiss, Kei Tsuruharatani


choreographed by Korhan Basaran and dancers

performed by Korhan Basaran, Clinton Edward, Benjamin Freedman, Nikki Holck, Jenna Otter, Mary Remy, and Elena Valls

work in progress by Clinton Edward

with Marielis Garcia, Ricky Kuperman, and Allison Sale

Imperfect Syzygy

The Distance of the Moon, TAKE Dance and the Pulse Ensemble, October 2010

choreographed by Kile Hotchkiss

performed by TAKE Dance

Pop the Glock

choreographed by Cameron Burke

performed by Cameron Burke, Berlyn Boswell, Noreen Carruthers, Clinton Edward, and Larissa Fucillo


Marymount Manhattan 2011

choreographed by Clinton Edward

performed by Tiana Fridley, Ariana Nakamine, and Britney Tokumoto